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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ladies Collection Display of Zara.

This Cape is my favorite ever! I wanted to buy it so much however there was no left for sale in any Zara stores in London at all. So im waiting for the dates which each store told me to come back, to buy them. Its so stylish, designed well, and classy...Exactly my type...:P

The display of Women collection of Zara, which they made for Christmas is lovely. However what i dont understand is that there is hardly any colours other than Black, white or grey used on clother..:S

I think that zara used faux fur alot in their collection, it looks so stylish and classy.. However im fed up of seeing them in every store. Its a bit too much. Just because the stores are selling a quite few different styles of faux fur does not really mean that people are gonna love them. It would of been better if they added less faux furs to their collection. As they all look kind of the same in every store which makes people think Zara is not unique or different than any other store ... Thats why i believe that a display of an store is very important. It has to stand out and catch an eye.

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