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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas season in Topshop

Oh my God, I just luurrrveeee Topshop:) lol...On the 1st place of my wishlist is the cape i wrote about before below, from Zara. However all the rest is from Topshop, hehe. I just feel in love with the white/blue fringe dress and the beaded tops.

My favorite dress is in detail on this photo...Click on Photos to enlarge them please:

By the way i recognised that there weren't much people actually shopping! Most of them were just walking around in Oxford street, without buying anything. This christmas season is actually not as busy as it was last year. Its getting worser every year. I hope everyone will have a much happier christmas next year...

This years most wanted coats!! Faux furs.. These ones are by Georgio Armani, and very stylish. However they are quite high on price: £700!!


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