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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Jimmy Choo Collection for H&M

H&M is launching Jimmy Choo for H&M on November 14th. Since the collection is in very high demand, that's why a huge crowd is expected.


If there is a line, we will have to wait in line and H&M store staff will
inform people about how to shop.


The first 160 people in line will receive a bracelet; on the bracelet they will be given a specific time for shopping in H&M's designated area. The bracelets are only needed for the women’s shoes, bags and accessories. Customers shopping the men’s collection or the women’s garments will not require a bracelet.
When the time has come, H&M staff will let people into the designated area to shop.

"Our goal is to create a better shopping experience for all of our customers." says H&M...

This is H&M'S Introduction video to Jimmy Choo collection...I totally loved it, its a short video however it shows the consumer how good the collection is going to be within second...Short but very usefull...

Uploaded by Shanell_Ardickusu

If you are not one of the 160 first in line, you will of course have the opportunity to shop from the rest of the collection or within H&M. After about two hours H&M will also open up the designated area for all of our customers.

To make sure as many customers as possible are able to buy from the Jimmy Choo for H&M collection, H&M has a limitation. Every customer can buy the whole collection but with a limitation of buying maximum one per product, i.e. not more than one size (shoes/garments) or piece (accessories) per product per customer. The limitation covers the whole Jimmy Choo for H&M Collection. Your place in line does not guarantee any items from the Jimmy Choo for H&M collection...:S

This is the video of The Jimmy Choo collection for H&M Launch Party

Uploaded by Shanell_Ardickusu

This is my favorite dress and shoes...I think its the perfect wear for a night out in a restuarant like Clos Maggiore.

Its so feminine, it reveals your back and has a bit of silt... I think it looks so sexy and a bit mysterious at the same time. I cant wait to get them!

(Harika, super bir gece elbesesi. Ayakkabi ve aksesualar da mukemmel. Bence hic bir bayanin hayir diyemeyecegi guzellikte. Sirt dekoltesi ve yitmaciyla hem seksi hemde gizemli bir elbise bence... Ayin 14'unu sabirsizlikla bekliyorum, bu guzel kiyafeti ve mukemmel ayakkabiyi almak icin. Bu arada acayip ayakkabi manyagiyim. Her kadininda oldugu gibi. )

Sandals with studs (Gladiator Sandals) were quite high on demand this summer. Nearly every lady had them. So i think H&M wanted to continue selling these types of shoes, the only difference is that in their winter collection the shoes are high heels not comfy straight sandals. At least now ladies wont feel like they are living they jumped out of the Gladiator film:) I actually liked it, it looks quite sexy.

The bright, pink clutch bag is so cute. You can use it anywhere you go, however you have to wear something suitable for it. I believe the teenagers would love this clutch bag.

I havent got alot to say about this dress, other than that i love its V-shaped neck. However i love everthing which that has leopard print on it, especially bags and shoes.

Red coloured dress and shoes is a must have for nearly every women, but you have to make sure it suits you with its design otherwise it could end up as a disaster. You must be very brave to wear a red coloured shoe or dress.

(V-yakali kiyafetlere bayiliyorum. Leopar desenli ayakkabi ve cantalar vazgecilmezim. Hicbir zaman modasi gecmiyor.

Kirmizi renk gayet cesur bir renk. Cok seksi ve herkezin giyip, yakistarabilecegini sanmiyorum. Bu tur bir ayakkabinin gercekten dusu
nulerek alinmasi gerekiyor bence.)

I never thought such a bright (neon like) colour would look so good. Its brilliant. Especially for clubbing. My daughter is looking very forward to get these shoes and the dress, i think shes gonna sleep in front the store for these.

I have a studed belt which i bought about 7 years ago, and i can still wear it. I think its a classic now.

Fringe tops are sold quite alot in this season, you can see same style of fringe tops in every store, however this suede dress is just awesome, it has fringes however it not just a boring top...Especially if you want to look a bit different and fashionable at the same.

(Puskullu bluzler bu yil baya bi moda, ama artik herkezin ustunde gormekten biktim. Hem cok begeniyorum ama herkezin ustunde goruncede hicbir anlami kalmiyor benim icin. O yuzden bu elbise baya ise yaricak gibi hem bu senenin modasi, hemde birazda olsa degisik. En azindan elbise... Suet olmasida ayrica arti puan benim icin...)

Now i can't wait for the collection to be launched in the shops in London, It will be sold only in 5 or 6 stores in London. So i will have to go there quite early so i can buy the items i want. The only thing which puts me off is the fact that its going to be overcrowded in H&M on the 14'th...:s

(Sabirsizlikla koleksiyonun satisa cikmasini bekliyorum, Londrada sadece 5 yada 6 H&M magzasinda satisa cikicak. O yuzden baya bir kalabalik olmasi bekleniyor, bide ustune yeni yila hazirlik yapanlar eklenince....dusunemiyorum bile. Hernekadar kalabalik da olsa buna degicene inaniyorum!)

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